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The Essential Guide to Letters of Credit Training for Exporters

Our popular one day letters of credit training course will enable you to understand the mechanics of handling letters of credit in simple terms from the exporter’s point of view.

Learn how to request and handle letters of credit from overseas customers 

Get to grips with the jargon and rules with our easy-to-follow reference guides

Take the opportunity to review your own letters of credit with an experienced practitioner

Reduce risks and avoid costly delays

Save significant time and money, minimising unexpected and expensive bank fees

BOOK LETTER OF CREDIT TRAINING and receive up to 90 days free helpdesk support*

The main aim of our popular in-house letter of credit training is to help you and your employees understand and manage the whole process from sale negotiation to final payment from the bank.This highly successful programme gives you practical ways to significantly reduce your administration time in dealing with letters of credit, as well as reducing risks, costly delays and bank charges.

This is essential training for export sales, projects, finance, shipping and customer services.

We're unique in tailoring the letter of credit course content to suit your business, creating sample letters of credit and scenarios that are familiar to you and the industry in which you operate.

We will also guide you through your own letters of credit, offering hints and tips to smooth the process.This makes our training memorable, valuable and engaging for your employees, allowing them to apply their learning to real-life situations.

We can deliver letter of credit training at your premises, to individuals or groups of up to ten people. It's fully customisable, delivered in short snappy sessions or in more depth over two days. The choice is yours - and we're always happy to advise you on the ideal delivery length according to the needs of your business.


By the end of the letter of credit course, you and your employees will be able to...

*Offer of free helpdesk support for 90 days limited to a limit of 3 phone calls / emails. Further support available subject to agreed fees.

Check out our Advanced Letters of Credit training course for more experienced companies.

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